/pæn / (say pan)

1. a dish commonly of metal, usually broad, shallow and open, used for culinary and other domestic purposes: a frying pan; cake pan
2. any pot or saucepan.
3. any dish-like receptacle or part.
4. any of various open or closed vessels used in industrial or mechanical processes.
5. a vessel, usually of cast iron, in which the ores of silver are ground and amalgamated.
6. a vessel in which gold or other heavy, valuable metals are separated from gravel, etc., by agitation with water.
7. a depression in the ground, as a natural one containing water, mud, or mineral salts, or an artificial one for evaporating salt water to make salt. Compare salt pan.
8. hardpan.
9. (in old guns) the depressed part of the lock which holds the priming.
10. brainpan.
11. kneepan.
12. Colloquial the face (surviving in words such as deadpan).
verb (panned, panning)
verb (t)
13. to wash (auriferous gravel, sand, etc.) in a pan, to separate the gold or other heavy valuable metal.
14. to separate by such washing.
15. US to cook (oysters, etc.) in a pan.
16. Originally US Colloquial to criticise or speak disparagingly about: to pan the proposal as unworkable.
verb (i)
17. to wash gravel, etc., in a pan, seeking for gold.
18. to yield gold, as gravel washed in a pan.
19. pan out, Colloquial to result; turn out. {Phrase Origin: originally US, from the language of gold prospecting}
{Middle English and Old English panne}
/pæn / (say pan)

verb (panned, panning)
TV, Film, etc.
verb (i)
1. (of a camera) to move continuously while shooting in order to record on film a panorama, or to keep a moving person or object in view.
2. to operate a camera in such a manner.
verb (t)
3. to operate (a camera) in such a manner.
{shortened form of panorama}
/pæn / (say pan)

an international radio-television signal, indicating an urgent message follows.
{p(recautionary) a(dvisory) n(otice)}
/pan/ (say pahn)

1. the leaf of the betel pepper.
2. any of various preparations for chewing for which the betel pepper leaf comprises the wrapper; betel quid. See betel (def. 3).
3. a single serving of such a preparation.
Also, paan. {Hindi pān}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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